YES Program

Philippine agriculture industry suffered a downturn due to the fast growth of technology and rapid modernization. Farmers today, including fishermen and kaingineros who traditionally form part of the sector we call “agriculture”, majority of them are still involved in subsistence farming characterized by low productivity brought about by their traditional farming methods that are not sustainable. Low productivity means low income. This is what causes poverty for the Filipino farmer.

Given these realities, the Philippines is in for a real crisis for its food security. If the number of farmers are dwindling and if the productivity of farmers is not improving, then what about our food supply. Today, we import some our food requirements like rice, corn, fruits, dairy, meat, coffee, cacao and many more.

One way to address these problems is the need to train and entice our young people who can be developed as agripreneurs and who can be tasked to extend technical assistance to the people in their barangays.

In response to the need, FPD and ATI have jointly embarked on a 2-Year 4-H Scholarship Program of Youth Empowerment through a Sustainable Program for the 4-H Club of the Philippines or YES Program, for short.

Through this program, LGUs, corporations and other groups could partner in sponsoring rural youths to be trained as agriculture entrepreneurs or agripreneurs.