Seeds of H.O.P.E.

You can help a victim family of Typhoon Yolanda by donating 500 pesos.

For a donation of FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (Php 500), a packet of selected vegetable and fruit seeds will be given to a farmer to start a 500-1,000 square meter farm of cash crops to support the basic needs of a family and some surplus to provide cash income.

Foundations for People Development (FPD) has developed a special packet of vegetable and fruit seeds for distribution to farmer-families affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Each packet contains at least eight (8) to ten (10) types of vegetable enough to start a 500-1000 square meter farm. The seeds are open-pollinated varieties so that the farmer can make use part of his produce for seed production for the next cropping cycle. In contrast, seeds of hybrid varieties cannot be used for the second cropping because of varietal degeneration that shall make the harvest of the next cropping very unreliable. Some of these varieties can be harvested in 30 days and thus can provide immediate needs of the family for food or cash income.

Scholars supported by FPD and Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) shall be mobilized to repack the seeds for distribution. Farmer-members of 4-H Clubs organized under ATI’s regional field-offices of the affected areas will be given priority to ensure the seeds are properly used.