The FPD RoadMap

The FPD Roadmap


In pursuit of its Vision and Mission, FPD developed a Road Map to better clarify and communicate to everyone its corporate direction and priorities. Apart from providing focus for its long-term objectives, the FPD Roadmap helps to reinforce alignment and synergy in the planning and execution of FPD programs and activities. The Roadmap template focuses on four (4) strategy themes, namely: Finance; Constituencies; Internal Process; and Further Growth and Development. As shown in the Roadmap, for each of these four strategy themes or perspectives, FPD has defined the priority strategic objectives that it will undertake.

Finance. From a strategic finance perspective, FPD will give priority to strengthening tie-ups with local Institutions, especially with local government units (LGUs), particularly in the cooperative movement. Twinning arrangements will promote the pooling of funds for local resource mobilization.

Constituencies. From a strategic perspective of defining and responding fully to constituencies, FPD will reach out to serve more local communities. Priority will be given to individuals and institutions that promote and spread cooperatives. FPD will also foster stronger linkages between cooperating schools and cooperatives.

Internal Process. From a strategic perspective of improving internal processes, FPD will constantly improve and perfect its existing models for cooperatives by “working together & growing together… and growing with social equity”. It will secure the long-term viability of its enterprise development schools.

Further Growth and Development. From a strategic perspective of further growth and development, FPD will ensure that it distills and “institutionalizes” best practices gleaned from its experimental initiatives into ready-to-offer packages to communities willing to organize cooperatives.

The Roadmap will guide FPD in crafting a Balanced Scorecard, jointly with its development partners and other stakeholders. Initial moves have already been started in designing a Scorecard, a performance management tool for translating broad objectives into more specific, measurable, realistic, and time-bound targets and outputs that cascade across the various business units, projects, and stakeholders. FPD will revisit the Roadmap every year to ensure that it is following its Roadmap in a manner that is consistent with its charter.