Farms-Schools Network

Advancing better farm methods

farmschoolnetworkOn September 27, 2011 the Farms-School Network was launched in Puerto Princesa City, in support of the educational aims of DA-ATI's program to train agripreneurs, FPD and DA-ATI are leading the way in setting up the network all over the Philippines.

Farms-Schools Network, as the name implies, is a network of farms that shall serve as on-the-job training venues for the farmers, students, and would-be farmers. They shall also serve as models for replication where members have their own farm projects to showcase to other farmers, students, and interested parties to learn better farming methods. Farmer-member may also act as consultants to other farm-project implementers, or as mentors for the on-the-job (OJT) trainees.

The Farms-Schools Network shall also work together to accommodate visitors as part of an advocacy to promote the idea of "Agritourism".

FPD and its Farms-Schools Network shall operate the Organic Producers Market (OPM) in strategic areas in the Philippines. OPM is a concrete initiative to promote the idea of "Grow Local Eat Local Movement" spearheaded by FPD. The program shall address food security of each town, city, or province by encouraging the locals to produces their own food requirements.

Current Farms-School Partners