Community Business Technology Centers

Tanjay CBTC

tanjayDirectly managed by FPD, Tanjay CBTC hosts the continuing development of FPD projects on native pigs, vegetable production and greenhouse through a grant from the Department if Agriculture.

In February 2010, thirty-eight (38) participants gathered in Tanjay for a training on high value vegetable production. Two alumni from Bais Family Farm School have also undergone a Certificate in Crop Production in the center.


lipaFPD ensures the continuing development of raising the range chicken, layers. vegetable production, and piggery projects. Its framework of development and technical assistance in farming systems guide Lipa CBTC in operating the center.


baisWith the Bais Family Farm Association as partner, FPD provides various training opportunities at the Bais Family Farm School. While a coffee farm demo was already started in 2010, FPD envisions of establishing a coffee training facilities in the area, in partnership with MFI Foundation and Tao Foundation.